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BREAKOUT! Your Pathway to Success takes up where Brit's bestselling book, Mosaic: Finding Your Own Voice, leaves off—the business aspect of fine art.

BREAKOUT! Your Pathway to Success  is at its core a book about conscious living. The book's aim is to help you build up your self-confidence and to take back your personal power while creating the life of your dreams. It guides you through the process of creating your own successful art business. BREAKOUT demystifies business terminology, sheds light on legal and money matters, and guides you how to: build a personal brand, harness the power of the Internet and social networking, and build streams of revenue. This book helps you become your highest potential.

Showcases the fine art mosaic mandalas by Aida Valencia, the layered glass mosaics of Yulia Hanansen, and the spontaneous fresco paintings in cement by Brit Hammer. Also includes a foreword by Alyson B. Stanfield and LOTS of full-page images of beautiful art from around the world, including mosaic murals. BREAKOUT belongs on your coffee table!

What readers are saying

"I just got the book and flipped out - you did a magnificant job and should be so proud!! I am going to send a local press release because I think every artist should have this book. Everyone who got it is raving. I know how hard you worked on this - and boy it paid off beautifully!"

I have been making my way through "Breakout!" Thank you for writing it. It is really a wonderful book and makes so much seem possible!"

"Wow Brit, it is amazing! I have read it cover to cover and have to say that I relate to every single word you have crafted and sweated over. It was most certainly worth all your efforts and if you are not, you SHOULD be very, very proud of yourself. I do hope that everyone who reads it will find not only inspiration but also comfort in knowing that being an artist is not the easiest of lifestyle choices, but it can most certainly be one of the most fulfilling."

"Brit, your latest book is absolutely fabulous. It's not surprising it is on the Blurb best seller list. It's definitely raised the bar as far as mosaic or for that matter any other inspiring and educational book go."


What the art community is saying

"Brit has done a great job weaving personal, creative, spiritual, and business interests into Breakout. She celebrates the various components that make a person whole. Success will mean something different for everyone, so you must come up with your own definition." - Alyson B. Stanfield


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The printed book is available with a choice of 3 covers. The ebook is available with the original cover only.

ISBN 978-90-812669-9-4
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200 pages

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ISBN 978-90-812669-8-7
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Featured artists

Doreen Adams, Judy Adams, Stacy Alexander, Janet S. Althoff, Maria Alvarez – Lundie, Barb Arne, Kim Barrow, Doreen Bell, Brigitte Bezemer, Grace Blowers, Christine Brallier, Dennis Brown, Ilona Brustad, Cynthia Buhrig, Patti Carroll Miskell, Morgan Clifford, Edna Grainer, Kim Grant, Brit Hammer-Dijcks, Yulia Hanansen, Heather Hancock, Shawn Hayes, Floy Height, Patricia Helzer, Linda Hooper, Juli Hulcy, Wendy Husen, Jacqueline Iskander, Michel Jacquier, Kath Jones, Shug Jones, Gretchen Kauffman, Nirit Keren, Con Kiernan, Kelley Knickerbocker, Karen Kobylus, Caroline Kovacs, Andrea Leger, Katleen Leroy-Andreoli, Irit Levy, Barbara Lewis, Eve Lynch, Luz Mack-Durini, Euvalon Mallouf, Ulrike Martinez, Lori Meade, Laurie Mika, Pat Mitchell, Elsbeth Morselt, Lynne Mosiman, Françoise Moulet, Jayne Murphy, Helen Nock, Lisa Osgood Dano, Candace Clough, Cristina Colli, Julie Crisp, Susan Crocenzi, Colleen Cunningham, Michelle Curow, Alison DeBuc, R. F. “Fresca” De Lorme, Isabelle De Sa Moreira, Lori Desormeaux, Gladys Dion, Sophie Drouin, Lynn Dubnicka, Heidi Easton-Pichler, Astrid Eijkelenboom, Suzan Eijkelenboom, Brian Felix, Cynthia Fisher, Katie Flanagan, Elsie Fontaine Gaertner, Ilona Fried, Virigina Gardner, Pamela Goode, Junko Ota, Lin Parkin, Laura Pattison, Maria Peak, Julia Pearsall, Amber Pierce, Danette Polglase, Donna Post, Kate Rattray, Gila Rayberg, Jacqui Ridley, Mary Ringer, Rosemary Rizzo, Claire Roche, Jessica Sanders, Carolyn Saxby, Cindy Sbrissa, Rita Schelin, Lin Schorr, Berta Sergeant, Marion Shapiro, Carol Shelkin, Heather Smith, Agnes Spitzer-Greig, Suzanne Steeves, Kathleen M. Stewart, Antoaneta Stoimenova, Debra Sutton, Wayne Taylor, Kathy Thaden, Crystal Thomas, Annie Thomas-Burke, Sheri Thrift-Robertson, Linda Vaden Martin, Aida M. Valencia, Sherry Vesey, Carolyn Wagner, Susan Walden, Katie Waller, Melanie Watts, Elena Weissman, Cindy White, Marchi Wierson, Donna Wold, Kim Wozniak, and Angela Zimek.