Ready to fully enjoy your trip?

Learn how to create a collection of images that not only documents your holiday but that conveys how it felt to be there. This way you can re-live the experience and share it with others.

This course focuses on the creative side of photography and emphasizes getting all your shots in-camera. Any post-processing of images then becomes optional, not necessary.

You'll learn how to get amazing travel photos using any kind of camera! Case in point: I took the image at left with an iPhone 3GS!

It's not about the gear; it's what you do with it.

Capture great images, even if traveling light!

Whether you take photos to remember your travels or travel specifically to shoot a scene, this course will help you get the most out of your shots, whether you use a DSLR or mirrorless camera with lots of lenses, a point & shoot camera, or your phone.

Learn how to shoot landscapes, seascapes, cities & architecture, wine & dining experiences, nature and wildlife.

Find out how to get the best shots while whale watching or on safari. You'll go around the world with me in this course and learn my secrets while also getting plenty of creative inspiration.

Get an impression

I'll walk you through how I capture beautiful images taken on my own trips around the world. You can already get an impression of what you'll see in the below films by my cinematographer husband Armand Dijcks. He and I met while hiking mountains in New Zealand in 2000, and a mere six weeks later, I packed up my life in NYC and moved to the Netherlands to share life with him. We've been traveling around the world and capturing our memories in images ever since!

Go with me on a whale watching trip.

See the San bushman rock paintings.

Come with me on safari to see the elephants.

Take a short hike with doggie Mulan and me.

All you need for this course is...

Any kind of camera (phone, point & shoot, DSLR, or whatever) and an Internet connection.

A Facebook account is helpful, as this is where the online forum is hosted. If you don't wish to be on Facebook, that's okay. In that case I will email you the link to your video image review. (See below for "How it works".)

Course outline

Lesson 1: The story of your trip
The story arc
Creating a sense of place in images
Finding your shots
Case studies: landscape, seascape, wildlife & modern city

Lesson 2: Capturing the experience
The challenge of landscapes & seascapes
Using framing & negative space to tell your story
Finding the right camera angle
Case studies: fine dining, medieval city, seascape, beach

Lesson 3: Getting creative with your story
Breaking some rules
Sunrise & sunsets and dealing with moody weather
Case studies: wine tasting, wildlife, seascape, landscape

Lesson 4: Sharing your story
Image selection & creating a visual story
Sharing your images with friends & family
Managing your images
Case studies: wildlife and more!

This course is for both beginners and advanced photographers of all ages who have a desire to capture beauty in-camera.

The in-depth weekly video image reviews for Guided Study students will focus on composition and capturing emotional content, not on camera settings, gear, or technical issues.

You prefer to do it yourself (DIY)

Course eBook
Unlimited access to the video tutorials
Learn at your own pace and be free of homework

Duration: go at your own pace

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You want personal attention

Four filmed individual image reviews
Course eBook
Unlimited access to the video tutorials

Duration: 4 weeks - choose your start date

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How it works


Everything you need is within the eBook. Download the course material and work at your own pace. There are no assignments or homework.


The day this 4-week eCourse begins you'll be given access to the private class group on Facebook, which is where you will post your homework assignments for feedback. The private Facebook group is also the forum where you can ask questions as well as get to know others in the class. I visit the group at least twice a day Monday through Friday so your questions are answered in a timely manner.

In case you don't wish to be on Facebook, that's okay. In this case you'll email me your images and questions directly.

Each Friday you’ll receive an email reminding you to read/watch that week's material. You'll also be given an assignment, due 10 days later. Of course, if you just want to follow the class and not post homework, that's also okay.

Video image reviews are posted to an unlisted YouTube play-list for watching at your convenience. You'll also have access to the videos posted for your classmates so that you also learn from them.

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