Finding Zen

Stress provides opportunities to practice

It's easy to be relaxed when things are going well.
It's another thing when things are going wrong.

Rather than declaring stress one of life's evils, begin to see it as an opportunity to find peace within. When you actively and consciously choose for zen, you will find it.

The secret is to let go.

Imagine that you're skiing on water-skis, towed behind a boat. If you fall, you need to let go of the rope. If you don't let go of the rope, you'll be dragged under water and face-down until you're so tired you do let go. In this scenario letting go seems counter-intuitive. I mean, why would you let go of your life line? Yet letting go is precisely what you need to do. Once you let go of the rope, trust that the boat will circle back and pick you up.

Let go.
Trust that you'll be okay.

. . .

Find a place where you can sit quietly, alone.
Focus on calming your breathing.
Begin recalling moments when the situation turned out well.
Picture yourself handling the current situation well.
Release the need for a specific outcome.
Trust that everything will work out for the best.

When you feel relaxed, sit for a while longer to enjoy the peace.


Zen, like anything else, takes practice.