Grieve to let go of pain

The hardest part is to actually allow yourself to grieve

My cat Pookie was my best friend and mentor. Losing her was so painful to me that I couldn't be physically touched or consoled for several days after her passing. In short, I was devastated.

Pookie taught me so much and was always there for me, especially when I needed her. One of the biggest lessons she taught me was how to love fully.

The three parts to loving fully are:

  • To love passionately;
  • To love unconditionally;
  • To love freely and without fear.

Whether it's loss of a first love, a loved one, or a part of your life, mourning is an essential step of the healing process.

As for me, the grieving process goes in waves, and I just roll with it. If I need to cry, I cry. And if I feel angry because I wanted more time with her and didn't expect to lose her after only five years, I go running. Whatever the emotion, I allow it to wash over me without carrying me away or sending me into a downward spiral.

Grieving helps you to release the pain to become whole again.

Allow yourself to be right where you are.

If you feel sad, be sad.
If you feel angry, be angry.
If you want to scream, then scream.
If you want to cry, then by all means cry.

Ignoring your feelings doesn't make them go away.
Stuffing them somewhere deep inside is not the answer.

Recognize their presence, feel them, and let them go.
Then you will find the comfort you've been looking for.

--author unknown

"To weep is to make less the depth of grief." - William Shakespeare