Nurture thyself

Every day, do something for yourself

Make some "me-time" each day, even if just for 15 minutes.

Turn off your cell phone.
Close your laptop.
Massage your feet or hands.
Sleep when you need it.
Watch children at play.
Snuggle with a kitty.
Play with a doggie.
Take your time.
Breathe in fresh air.
Find the parts of your life that you're most proud of. Remember them.
Hug yourself.
Hug someone else. Remind them how much you love them.

What other ways could you nurture yourself?

Armand and I make time to go on picnics...during the work week...just to create mini-vacations. We also stop for coffee and a chat twice a day. This way we stay connected.

Your life is like a garden. Tend the garden well and it will flourish.