Celebrate each and every day in your life!

Ever wonder if the craziness of your life is, indeed, worth celebrating? The answer is a resounding YES!

Get ready to have fun creating lifestyle photos that you can’t wait to share with your friends and family.

This course focuses on the creative side of photography and will show you how to capture images of your everyday life that look like they came out of a glossy magazine.

You’ll learn my secrets and get plenty of creative inspiration. 

Learn how to shoot from the heart

Each and every day you wake up, the world offers you much more than fresh coffee and tea — the world offers you a bounty of image making possibilities! Find out where to look and how to see and capture these amazing shots, including the beauty of simply pouring your cup of tea.

In Part 1 of this course I show you how to celebrate the moments of your life in your images and will encourage you to go out into the world to find new experiences to capture. I'll also gently nudge, poke and prod you to open up your eyes to see the potential shots waiting just for you.

You won't just develop an eye for taking good pictures, you'll learn how to put your heart and soul into your photography. By the end of this 4-week course, you’ll have a series of images showing another side of your life — one that you didn’t know was there. You’ll also see new photographic possibilities all around you, no matter what your skill level or camera you use!

All you need is...

Any kind of camera (phone, point & shoot, iPad, DSLR, or whatever) and an Internet connection.

What Guided Study students are saying

“I've taken many classes. With the way Brit taught and explained things, I finally said, ‘I get it’. She made me enjoy taking photographs.” — Neil Bifulco

"I loved the freedom of knowing that all the craziness of my life is, indeed, worth celebrating. The lessons were full of thought provoking questions to challenge us to not only think about our photography differently but also to think about our lives differently." — Pam Bonney

"I found this to be a very creative course. It has made me feel more self-confident about my own personal style and has helped me go beyond my limits.” — Katherine Papageorgiou

"I have gotten photos I would have never taken without the course...photos that I love! I've taken quite a few photography courses over the years and this has been a wonderful addition with many unique insights." — Suzanne Gmirek

“I learned how fun it can be to capture shots of my everyday life. I love having my camera out and this gave me a reason to have it with me all the time!” — Kelly Bevilacqua

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Course Outline

Lesson 1: Learn to see the moment
What to look for?
Show your interpretation of a scene rather than documenting it
Get closer
Go on an adventure

Lesson 2: Composition
Negative space
Camera angle
Leading lines

Lesson 3: Create emphasis
Light / shadows / reflections
Depth of Field

Lesson 4: Tell your story
Image selection
Creating a visual story
Image variety
Detail and overview shots

This course is for beginners and advanced photographers of all ages who desire to capture images in-camera.



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Learn at your own pace and be free of homework

Duration: go at your own pace

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