Celebrate each and every day in your life!

Ever wonder if the craziness of your life is, indeed, worth celebrating? The answer is a resounding YES!

Get ready to have fun creating lifestyle photos that you can’t wait to share with your friends and family.

This course focuses on the creative side of photography and will show you how to capture images of your everyday life that look like they came out of a glossy magazine.


“This class is my all-time favorite.”


Learn how to shoot from the heart

Each and every day the world offers you a bounty of image-making possibilities! Find out how to see and capture these moments, including the beauty of simply pouring your cup of morning coffee.

In this creative course I show you how to celebrate even the simplest moments of your life in photos.

You won’t just develop an eye for taking good pictures, you’ll learn how to put your heart and soul into your photography. By the end of this course, you’ll have a collection of images showing another side of your life — a beautiful one that you didn’t even know was there!

Use any camera -- even your phone! The emphasis in this course is on seeing images and capturing them in-camera. No post-processing skills needed.


“I recommend this class to anyone who wants to create images that evoke feelings and that tell a story.”


Course Outline

Lesson 1: Learn to see the moment
What to look for?
Show your interpretation of a scene rather than documenting it
Get closer
Go on an adventure

Lesson 2: Composition
Negative space
Camera angle
Leading lines

Lesson 3: Create emphasis
Light / shadows / reflections
Depth of Field

Lesson 4: Tell your story
Image selection
Creating a visual story
Image variety
Detail and overview shots


“I loved the freedom of knowing that all the craziness of my life is, indeed, worth celebrating.”



Course eBook PDF
Unlimited access to the video tutorials
Download the course material and work at your own pace. The videos are linked within the course PDF. There are no assignments or homework.

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What students are saying

“I’ve taken many classes. With the way Brit taught and explained things, I finally said ‘I get it’. She made me enjoy taking photographs.” — Neil B.

“I recommend this class to anyone who wants to create images that evoke feelings and that tell a story. For without that, many images go flat.” — Lynne D.

“This class is my all-time favorite. I had fun learning and taking photos of my everyday life.” — Margaret F.

“This class forces you to think beyond just taking a snapshot of your day. I really do endorse the idea of taking pictures of your favorite everyday life moments. For some it might be work experience, for me it’s my off time enjoying family, new places and those quiet moments surrounding food and wine. This class opened that up for me! Brit has a wonderful way of teaching concepts and conveying them through her videos and lessons.” — John V.

“Thank you for the great photography class! I thoroughly enjoyed learning new ways to approach taking photos and I’ve already absorbed them into my photo taking process.” — David T.

“I have gotten photos I would have never taken without the course…photos that I love!.” — Suzanne G.

“I found this to be a very creative course. I’ve learned how to express the mood I want in simple, precious and everyday moments by using light and composition. It has made me feel more self-confident about my own personal style and has helped me go beyond my limits.” — Katherine P.

“I loved the freedom of knowing that all the craziness of my life is, indeed, worth celebrating.” — Pam B.

“Brit taught me new ways to look at the subjects I was photographing to make more compelling images. I highly recommend this class!” — Heidi F.

“Thank you for a very inspiring and eye-opening course! I have started to see things around me in a different way.” — Kari S.

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