Celebrate each and every day in your life!

Do you wish you had images of your loved ones that capture who they are as a person? What about a series of images that portray your life as nicely as a wedding photographer portrays a wedding?

Get ready to have fun creating lifestyle photos that you can’t wait to share with your friends and family.

This course delves into creative ways to capture even mundane moments and beautifully photograph even camera-shy loved ones. They'll finally stop saying they don't like seeing themselves in photos!

You’ll learn my secrets and get plenty of creative inspiration. Best of all, you’ll have the freedom to use any camera, whether that be your phone, point & shoot, or DSLR

Learn how to shoot from the heart

Part 2 of this course builds upon Part 1 and delves into creative ways to add loved ones in your images.

Throughout this course I will encourage you to try new things. I'll also gently nudge, poke and prod you to open up your eyes to see the potential shots waiting just for you.

You won't just develop an eye for taking good pictures, you'll learn how to put your heart and soul into your photography. You'll also have beautiful images to share with your loved ones!

All you need is...

Any kind of camera (phone, point & shoot, iPad, DSLR, or whatever) and an Internet connection.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Photographing a story
How many images do you need to tell a story?
Getting shots that clearly tell a story
Capturing candid shots of loved ones
Look ma, no hands!

Lesson 2: Telling your story from a point of view
Capturing family events in an intimate way
Showing loved ones without showing their faces
Photographing action
Creative ways to include yourself in shots with loved ones

Lesson 3: Curating your images
It's the questions that lead to the images
Getting creative with exposure
Curating your images
"Fast" and "slow" stories

Lesson 4: Crafting your story
Crafting a compelling story your friends and family will love
Creative compositing to tell your story
Sharing your story with others
Image management

What Guided Study students are saying

“I learned that indeed I have a style with my photography, and to embrace that style. I learned to worry less and be more patient, especially with photographs that are important to me. I learned to inspect more, rather than simply documenting. But mostly, I got validation from Brit that it's okay to always walk around with my camera and photograph everything and anything, no matter my mood, and no matter what my family thinks! I recommend all eight weeks of "Celebrate Your Life in Beautiful Images" for anyone at any level of photography who might be in a creative rut.” — Mimi Rippee

"I appreciated the time and care that you took to do weekly video critiques, and most of all, the approach you take to providing feedback. Kind of like a muse dropping in and providing gentle guidance and inspiration. I feel I did more progressing than learning. By that I mean I feel better equipped to relax and be in the moment, and to capture it in a way that feels authentic and tells a story that I can share with others. Exactly what I needed right now!" — Caroline Platt

"Before taking this course I would get some good shots intuitively or with luck, but now I am more purposeful in my shots. I am enjoying taking pictures more than ever!" — Ginny Winblad

This course is for beginners and advanced photographers of all ages who desire to capture beauty in-camera.



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