CEMENT FRESCO: THE ART OF SERENDIPITY will inspire you to go with the flow in your art-making. Illustrated by scores of luscious, large-size detail images, the book teaches you the art of creating cement fresco paintings in an entertaining way.

CEMENT FRESCO also includes technical information for artists interested in cement art or concrete art. Thoroughly explained are the different types of substrates, cement mortars, additives, and pigments suitable for making cement frescos, as well as pros and cons of each material so that you know how to design your own artworks.

Brit also takes you behind the scenes and into her studio, sharing the honest stories how the 10 artworks featured were made while giving you an entertaining private tutorial during which she explains all that you need to know to make your own cement art.

After reading this book you'll be ready to confidently create cement art and have a good understanding of this relatively unexplored medium. And you might even have a different perspective on life!

What readers are saying

"'Cement Fresco: The Art of Serendipity' is a fabulous publication. I can't praise it enough on all levels of visual stimulation, technical advice, and imaginative revelations through the process of development and experiment. And it's just plain perfect for learning how to create exterior works with cement, including awesome images!! Plus the eBook version contains live links for further information and inspiration." — Helen Nock, fine artist

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