Banish your fear of the Big Bad Camera

Afraid of your DSLR (or bridge) camera?
Do you take all your photos on auto-everything?
Unsure how aperture, ISO, & shutter speed work together to create a "look"?

In this online tutorial you'll learn how to use your DSLR (or bridge) camera — and in language you can understand!

Learn all the stuff you need to know so your camera is the Magic Wizard instead of the Big Bad Camera!

What artists are saying about the DSLR Photography for Beginners tutorial

"Thanks to your DSLR for Beginners/Artists, I now know what all of the knobs and wheels on my camera actually do! Your explanations were clear and concise, exactly what I needed!" — Amy Greely, jeweler

"My photography skills were very limited before discovering Brit Hammer's classes: for jury shots, I was dependent on the 7 am light coming in the front door, gradient paper and my DSLR camera on automatic. With no post-processing skills, scratches on the gradient paper would mean starting a new sheet, very expensive... After taking Brit Hammer’s DSLR Photography for Beginners tutorial and her 4-week Photographing Fine Art & Craft guided study class, not only am I now in complete and total manual control of my camera at any time of the day or night, but I have a new-found excitement about photography’s ability to add levels of depth, meaning, emotion and mystery to my art that I never dreamed possible. I loved Brit's combination of social media technology, extensive and well-organized photographic design principles, an intuitive eye, patience, enthusiasm and holistic nurturing --the results were unbelievably incredible and inspiring student growth!" — Kim Nogueira, goldsmith and jeweler

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Get past these myths to discover your own talent as a photographer

Myth #1 “An expensive camera is required to take beautiful photos.”
There are no bad cameras on the market nowadays thanks to evolving technology, so even a low-end DSLR camera will do the trick. Plus DSLR cameras offer you more options than a point & shoot camera (and your phone), so if you want to sell your art or want to teach art online you owe it to yourself to discover your hidden talent for photography.

Myth #2 “Learning photography is hard.”
I thought the same about algebra until my dad explained it to me in a way I could understand by using metaphors about dogs and cats. So expect to hear about The Three Bears when I explain about ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Just sayin. If I could grasp the tech stuff and get through the learning curve, so can you. By the end of the tutorial you'll wonder why you were ever intimidated by the Big Bad Camera!

Myth #3 “Beginners can't take great shots.”
Have a look at some student work from the Photographing Fine Art & Craft online course. Most of these artists were brand new to DSLR photography — and I mean brand new! If they could learn how to use a DSLR camera, so can you.

What you will need

DSLR camera
Fruit (yes, we practice shooting fruit)
Dose of humor

I won't be talking tech-speak non-stop at you. Remember, I'm an artist just like you, and I remember how confused I was when learning about stuff like f-stops, ISO, and aperture. So I explain what those are plus all the things you need to know in language you can understand so you feel confident about using your DSLR camera.

Learn all the features you'll need to use so you won't have to refer to that boring manual more than once or twice. I mean, who writes those things anyway?

Have a look. I wasn't kidding when I said I'd explain the tech stuff using The Three Bears! (Life is too short to be so serious!)

The 33-minute video is linked within the 102 page eBook.

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