DSLR Photography for Beginners

Artists around the world are loving this tutorial. This is what they want you to know.


Kim Nogueira, goldsmith and jeweler

"My photography skills were very limited before discovering Brit Hammer's classes: for jury shots, I was dependent on the 7 am light coming in the front door, gradient paper and my DSLR camera on automatic. With no post-processing skills, scratches on the gradient paper would mean starting a new sheet, very expensive..."

"After taking Brit Hammer’s DSLR Photography for Beginners tutorial and her 4-week Photographing Fine Art & Craft guided study class, not only am I now in complete and total manual control of my camera at any time of the day or night, but I have a new-found excitement about photography’s ability to add levels of depth, meaning, emotion and mystery to my art that I never dreamed possible. I loved Brit's combination of social media technology, extensive and well-organized photographic design principles, an intuitive eye, patience, enthusiasm and holistic nurturing --the results were unbelievably incredible and inspiring student growth!"

Alix Railton, jeweler

"Brit has provided an invaluable resource for artists like me. I struggled through the tough-to-read manual that came with my DSLR camera. Often by trial and error I would end up with adequate images, but I couldn't understand why I would get what I got. Then I was lucky enough to get my hands on Brit's DLSR Photography for Beginners tutorial.

A light bulb (several of them!) went off as all the technical jargon was translated into common language. It all suddenly made a lot of sense and it helped that I had my camera in my hand while I read it. I have gone through the tutorial a few times and each time I find more clarity and more ease and comfort with my camera. I will keep Brit's text handy and nearby for reference as I make my way toward taking WOW photos of my art. This will now be my go-to bible in the photography studio.

Thank you Brit! I'm psyched, because now, my camera is not quite such a foreign object!"

Nancy Lange, jeweler

"DSLR Photography for Beginners" taught by Brit Hammer is an amazing course. Brit presented a wealth of technical information in a fun and non-intimidating manner. She breaks down the technical concepts using great diagrams, photos, and easily comprehensible language. I loved that I was able to apply what I had learned with guided activities to reinforce the concepts immediately!

I now feel much better prepared for the Photographing Fine Art and Craft course!"

Amy Greely, jeweler

"Thanks to your DSLR for Beginners/Artists, I now know what all of the knobs and wheels on my camera actually do! Your explanations were clear and concise, exactly what I needed!"


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