FINE ART MOSAIC: TOWARD THE WITHIN is a large-format coffee table book full of beautiful images.

This heavy, hardbound book features 200 pages of luscious images, many of which are larger than life-size so you can see the details of artworks up-close and personal.

Printed on lustre paper, this book is a must-have for anyone interested in mosaic art or who would like to become a mosaic artist.

Brit’s bold and abstract Byzantine glass mosaics are complex puzzles of color that often incorporate a few dozen shades. Her trademark style combines colors in such a way that each one can be seen, reflecting her philosophy that every person is equally important; everyone has a purpose and something to contribute to society.

Unique about Brit's work is her use of color. Working primarily with handmade glass from Venice and Murano, she creates a mood using various combinations of color and texture as well as light reflectance. Each piece delights the eye and asks for the viewer to interact by walking back and forth to catch the sparkles emanating. Lighting plays an integral role, and each work looks different during mornings, afternoons, and evenings as well as during each season of the year. In effect it is like having several artworks, such is the change affected by the light.

Interested in the relationships between people, the earth, and the hereafter, Brit's body of mosaic art is inspired by spiritual moments that occur during one’s lifetime and the emotions that accompany them.

200 pages

8 years in the making

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