A Private Video Image Review is the perfect option if you'd like to get feedback on your images, receive suggestions for improvement, and move beyond your current skill level.

Whether you'd a fine art photographer, amateur photographer, or a blogger wanting help with a specific style of photography, I am here to help you.

Have up to 5 images reviewed, in almost any style of photography:

Lifestyle photography|  Abstract photography|  Landscape photography|  Food photography|  Action Photography|  Architecture photography|  Candid portrait photography|  Pet photography|  Arts & Crafts photography|  Travel photography

Private Video Image Review
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How it works

After checkout, email me via WeTransfer.com up to 5 high resolution images, along with any questions you may have. I will then film a private video image review just for you within five business days addressing the points you'd like covered as well as any other teaching that I feel might be of value to you. You'll then be emailed the link to your private video, which you can watch as many times as you like.