Ready for the world to know about your art?

No one is "discovered". It's all self-promotion.

That was my biggest a-ha moment. I thought the galleries would do the promotion for me, but no, they don't. I wanted to hire a publicist but found out quickly that it was cost-prohibitive for the long-term. In the end I realized it was best if I could do it, myself.

This tutorial draws upon my own experience and what I've learned from many others. It gives you lots of practical advice, case studies, and ideas that you can use in marketing, branding, and publicizing your own art or craft business. It's the course I wish I could have taken when I was getting started in 2002.

What students are saying about the Guided Study eCourse

"The Marketing Your Art course propelled me from hunches about marketing my art to personalized solutions for my partially developed ideas. I felt as if Brit was my personal coach with her attention to my goals from an objective and expert point of view. For me, this course was a perfect follow-on to the Photographing Fine Art & Craft course: I knew that I needed better images for my website, but my website needed an overhaul and a better strategy to market my work. The course allowed me to address these aspects in a more holistic manner. Brit consistently challenged and delighted me with her input that was tailored for my journey. I was skeptical of the Facebook format, but became a believer, in that I can refer back to the flood of information and advice I may not have fully absorbed." — Janet Roemmel

Learn all the things successful artists know but don't talk about.

Find out how to get lots of free publicity, how to make your images really work for you, how to get featured in magazines, and how to get sponsors for projects.

Get information about how to design your website to be your 24/7 sales team and how to attract clients to you, too.

I speak candidly about how I got to where I am, the mistakes I made along the way, and share what I do now so that you can learn from my experience as a fine artist for over a decade (and not make the many mistakes I made!)

The Self-Study course is a tutorial. There is no homework and you can work at your own pace.

You will learn how to

  • Create your own personal brand

  • Attract the RIGHT clients to you

  • Make your images WORK for you

  • Get your art featured in magazines and blogs

  • Generate LOTS of free publicity

  • Establish trust and become an authority

  • Use your images to create better SEO

  • Design your website to make it your 24/7 sales agent

  • Create work-life balance


Course eBook (100 pages)

Unlimited access to video tutorials (2 hours)

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