Brit Hammer and kitty Izzy.

Feel instant relief.

Whether you're struggling to find your voice or wanting the support of an experienced mentor, you no longer need to feel alone. I am here to help you. I can help you with your artistic goals as well as photography projects.

Gain clarity and peace of mind.

During your session we’ll talk about your goals and then we'll work out an achievable action plan together. Also expect to get some powerful insights.

Feel supported.

We'll break your goals into easy steps so you can have successes right away, whether that's finding your artistic voice, finding clients, or getting more publicity.

What artists, designers, and photographers are saying about their private sessions

"When I contacted Brit, I was utterly confused. I didn't know how to best use my talents and skills, and struggled to find a direction for my new business. The answer was just in front of my eyes, but I couldn't see it. Brit gently guided me, using her intuition and expertise to help me see my strengths and create a new outlet for my talents. I now have clarity in my purpose, focus, and a strategy! Brit's advice and mentoring has been invaluable; she is a constant source of inspiration, motivation and support, and I thoroughly recommend working with her." -- Cristina Colli, designer, photographer & stylist

"My time with Brit has been amazing! Nothing I have done has sharpened my focus like the private time with Brit. We have been working on the concept of creating 'story' in images for several months. She has been an incredible mirror, helping me find what I love and what I want to photograph. She has been ready for each step I take, and I leave our sessions with intense energy and a sense of direction." - Jean DeKraker, photographer

"I am so glad I opted for the mentoring upgrade in Photography of Fine Art and Craft. My mentoring time with Brit was amazing! Her generous and insightful spirit guided me to a whole new way of thinking about my creativity. Our time together resulted in clarity, confidence, and a new direction for my art and business. Thank you, Brit." -- Nancy Lange, jeweler

Sessions conducted by phone, Skype or Google Hangout.
Payable by PayPal. (You may use your credit card via PayPal)

45-minute Full session € 125
25-minute Follow-up session € 60 (available after a Full session)

Payment is made in euros.


How it works

After you request a booking, I will email you with available dates and times for your session. Once we find a mutually convenient time, you'll receive a PayPal payment request. Your session is confirmed once payment is received.

Once your appointment is confirmed, I'll ask some questions for you to think about. This will help you prepare for our session.

You'll then call me on our agreed upon time. To get the most out of your session, I recommend to have pen & paper ready to take notes. You're also welcome to record the session so you can replay it.


Daytime and evening appointments, Monday through Friday are available.