MOSAIC: FINDING YOUR OWN VOICE is overflowing with inspiration and information. The book delves into design and composition to help you find your own voice, regardless of medium.

The inspiration section features chapters on the works of fine art mosaicists Elaine M. Goodwin, Sonia King, Dugald MacInnes, Mo Ringey, and Brit Hammer-Dijcks. The book also features innovative mosaic artworks of 34 other talented artists from around the world.

MOSAIC also includes technical information for artists particularly interested in mosaic art. A large section is devoted to explaining the different types of adhesives, substrates, and grout as well as pros and cons of each so that you know how to design your own mosaic artworks. This information is often excluded from other mosaic books.

Rounding out the book is a comprehensive glossary that explains mosaic art terminology in everyday language.

What readers are saying

"Dear Brit, I finally received the book. It's gorgeous!! It's the first mosaic book that includes techniques and supplies, and also the main element of mosaic - inspiration. You have placed the perfect pieces of art in the perfect chapters. You have created a book which makes me want to re-read it often for inspiration. You have given concrete ideas to those of us who don't know how to go about delving into ourselves for the real inspiration. Thank you!" — Patty

"Got mine the other day, taking it really slow and absorbing each page. Been real inspired so far after maybe 8 pages? Buying pieces for a new project tomorrow following that inspiration." — Jeff

"Hi Brit, your book is a real treasure, I could not stop reading when I got it in the first place. Now I keep coming back to look at certain sections again. It's in so many ways encouraging. Thanks so much. And not to forget the artwork displayed is wonderful." — Annette

“Hi Brit. Your book is a masterpiece! It has inspired me beyond words. Thank you for your encouragement, and for sharing your wisdom.” — Lisa

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Book review excerpts

"The book is not a traditional 'how-to' manual, although many practical suggestions regarding materials and techniques are described. Instead, the author guides the reader through a discussion of contemporary fine art mosaics that is meant to inspire fresh perspectives on one's art-making practices." - Jean Ann Dabb, Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Mary Washington (USA) and former board member Society of American Mosaic Artists.

"[This book] seeks to get the reader to contemplate the question 'Who are you?' and to find the answer in their own mosaic art. In the process, it has become a very fine showcase for some of the best new mosaic in recent years." - Chris Blanchett, proprietor Buckland Books (UK).

Featured artists

Doreen Adams, Judy Breau, Lynne Chinn, Carole Choucair Oueijan, Annette Cossentine, Susan Crocenzi, Sophie Drouin, Faducci, Brian Fellix, Ilona Fried, Valerie Fuqua, Virginia Gardner, Laurie Glynn, Elaine Goodwin, Brit Hammer-Dijcks, Yulia Hanansen, Heather Hancock, Xuan Ho, Jacqueline Iskander, Barbara Keith, Sonia King, Renske Leistra, Dugald MacInnes, Giulio Menossi, Linda Mix-Yates, Françoise Moulet, Luciana Notturni, Kate Rattray, Mo Ringey, Karen Sasine, Lin Schorr, Fran Segal, Marian Shapiro, Denise Sirchie, Rob Tack, Crystal Thomas, Jennifer Tipton, Deb Wight, and students from Rotterdam’s Accent College middle school.


What featured artists are saying

"Brit uses precise words - and stunning images - to explain far beyond one's expectations the immaterial and complex processes, sensations, ideas, recollections, and feelings of the mosaic creative process. Mosaic: Finding Your Own Voice is the first, unique book to capture and explain the subliminal essence of 21st century mosaic art." - Françoise Moulet

"Brit does a fabulous job of exploring contemporary mosaics, featuring a diverse group of mosaicists committed to pushing technique and expanding traditional boundaries. In Mosaic: Finding Your Own Voice, every artist is challenged to be attentive to the creative process and affirmed in confidently expressing his/her unique vision." - Heather Hancock

"What I learned from reading the book is that the standards of mosaic worldwide are growing. The sharing of images of work, approaches to mosaic and good practice, as exemplified in Mosaic: Finding Your Own Voice, is helping to create an awareness of the expressive power of mosaic within the art world as a whole." - Dugald MacInnes

"Brit Hammer's book Mosaic: Finding Your Own Voice is a joy to read and a feast for the eyes. Filled with beautiful photographs of innovative works from mosaic artists around the globe, it is proof that mosaic art today is a cutting edge and progressive art form. I like the way Brit has used the work to illustrate her text, which is inspiring and informative. Brit writes in the style of a mentor encouraging the artist to experiment and explore the infinite possibilities of mosaic design. This is not the sort of book that will collect dust on the shelf!" - Kate Rattray

"Brit Hammer clearly articulates and spells out what, for me, had been an intuitive and somewhat subliminal process of experimentation and play that led to the creation of my piece that appeared in this book. The book, filled with diverse and inspiring images, is an excellent reminder to trust and respect one's own creative journey." - Ilona Fried

"This beautifully written and conceived contemporary fine art mosaic book is truly a work of art in itself. Brit explains the nuances of working in this medium like no other. Her love of color, texture, and design shine through on every page as she cleverly chose the right artist's mosaics to compliment and educate the reader in her special way. Seeing this book through Brit's eyes as she describes the nature of glass, its beauty, its reflective qualities is truly inspirational. Her love, knowledge, and generosity of spirit will challenge and inspire the reader to be a better person and a better artist. It was a privilege and an honor to be included in Mosaic: Finding Your Own Voice. Brit encapsulates the true meaning of becoming your own person and finding your own voice." - Doreen Adams

"This book showed me the breadth and depth of contemporary mosaic art. The featured works run the gamut from whimsical craft to serious fine art. The writings by the featured artists show how each one approaches their work and uses particular materials to express their vision. The book has been inspirational to me by showing how all options are truly open to today's mosaic artist." - Fran Segal

"What I find great about the book is Brit explaining how to come to a mosaic artwork and explaining design rules." - Rob Tack

"I believe Brit has captured the essence of 21st century mosaic art, with photos of superb work which is new and cutting edge." - Virginia Gardner