Take images that make people say I WANT THAT ART!

During this course you’ll take your shots from average to awesome, whether you’re photographing paintings, jewelry, fiber art, sculpture, glass art, ceramic, mosaic, or other fine art form.

You’ll learn how to take photos that capture the essence of your art. You’ll also learn how to curate those images and how to craft a visual story for use in magazines and other publications.

You’ll be amazed at how much you can do with your images, including how to attract more business to you. And that's just the start!


Images taken by students of their art

These images were taken during the Guided Study eCourse. Because each student gets personalized feedback, growth is pretty darn quick!

More than 50 artists have worked with me in the Guided Study eCourse. Here's what some had to say.

"Brit Hammer – you rock! I amazed myself with the results. Brit’s teaching style and critiques enabled me to grow my photography skills in leaps and bounds. Her advice to ‘get it right in the camera’ has changed the way I approach documenting my work. My vignettes have always told a story, but photographing them with that story in mind was new to me. I was able to capture the whimsy in my work in a 2D form. When I download new photos, I feel pure joy as the images appear. Taking your class was probably the best single thing I did for my business." — Sue McNenly

"Before taking Photographing Fine Art & Craft, I used to waste hours taking uninteresting pictures. My camera was an endless source of frustration. The course made me appreciate that taking a photo was an extension of the creative act of making the piece. Brit took the time to find out what I wanted to say in my photos and helped me get there. My camera is no longer a mystery. I can work quickly and produce images that express the vitality and spirit of my work. This is hugely empowering as so much of our work is judged on the quality of our images. Photographing Fine Art & Craft is a superlative course taught by a superlative teacher." — Christine Dumont

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During this course you will learn

  • How to create dynamic images that engage & attract clients

  • How to create both jury and editorial images

  • How to tell a story with an image

  • How to curate a collection of images & create a photo essay

  • How to create images expressing your brand

  • Basic & advanced lighting techniques

  • Basic & advanced post-processing techniques

What you will need

  • DSLR or bridge camera (see notes below)

  • Wall or table

  • Editing software (Lightroom, Photoshop recommended)

  • Artwork

NB: Yes, it's okay to take this course with a point & shoot camera or your phone, but you'll have more creative control of your images with a camera that allows you to control aperture. Even moreso if you can shoot RAW, instead of just JPG.

I recommend using a camera that allows you to shoot tethered while in live-view, such as the Canon Rebel (T4i or later model), especially if you're going to shoot jewelry. My favorite point & shoot camera is the Sony RX-100 (model iii or iv, not later models) -- it shoots RAW and in full-manual mode with a shallow depth of field.



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