More than 50 artists have worked with me in the Guided Study eCourse. Here's what some had to say.


Sue McNenly, precious metal clay artist and jeweler

"Brit Hammer – you rock! I participated in Brit Hammer’s Photographing Fine Art class, and I amazed myself with the results. Brit’s teaching style and critiques enabled me to grow my photography skills in leaps and bounds. Her advice to ‘get it right in the camera’ has changed the way I approach documenting my work. My vignettes have always told a story, but photographing them with that story in mind was new to me. I was able to capture the whimsy in my work in a 2D form. When I download new photos, I feel pure joy as the images appear. Taking your class was probably the best single thing I did for my business."

Bronwen Heilman, flamework glass artist / jeweler

"Everyone deserves the right to have good, no, GREAT photos of your own work. Taking Photographing Fine Art & Craft, I found some tools to do just that. For me, the best part of taking this workshop is Brit's honest critique. She isn't that someone who looks at your photo and says 'cool'. She actually takes the time and thinks about the image, and tells you what she sees and feels about that photo. Not only does she ask questions about the image to make me think about the story, but she also tells me what I did right, and especially what I did wrong with each image, and how to improve it. If you're undecided about whether to take the class, I want to tell you I am really glad I did!"

Kim Nogueira, goldsmith and jeweler

"My photography skills were very limited before discovering Brit Hammer's classes: for jury shots, I was dependent on the 7 am light coming in the front door, gradient paper and my DSLR camera on automatic. With no post-processing skills, scratches on the gradient paper would mean starting a new sheet, very expensive..."

"After taking Brit Hammer’s DSLR Photography for Beginners tutorial and her 4-week Photographing Fine Art & Craft guided study class, not only am I now in complete and total manual control of my camera at any time of the day or night, but I have a new-found excitement about photography’s ability to add levels of depth, meaning, emotion and mystery to my art that I never dreamed possible. I loved Brit's combination of social media technology, extensive and well-organized photographic design principles, an intuitive eye, patience, enthusiasm and holistic nurturing --the results were unbelievably incredible and inspiring student growth!"

Angela Ridgway, welded metal artist

"When I think about how much I learned Brit’s course, I have to say that I’m amazed, and also proud of the results I see. I really stepped up to the task because of her continued prompting, encouragement, and faith in my abilities. I’m much more confident setting up an art shoot and using my camera now…and it shows in the photos. I’ve learned more than I ever expected and thoroughly enjoyed the class!! Brit is an awesome instructor!"

Christine Dumont, polymer clay artist

"Before taking Photographing Fine Art & Craft, I used to waste hours taking uninteresting pictures. My camera was an endless source of frustration. The course made me appreciate that taking a photo was an extension of the creative act of making the piece."

"Brit took the time to find out what I wanted to say in my photos and helped me get there. My camera is no longer a mystery. I can work quickly and produce images that express the vitality and spirit of my work. This is hugely empowering as so much of our work is judged on the quality of our images. Photographing Fine Art & Craft is a superlative course taught by a superlative teacher."

Patty Franklin, mosaic artist

"I’ve struggled for several years with the task of getting good, professional, photos of my artwork. I tried 3 professional photographers and got back mediocre shots at a very steep cost. I even hired one to come to my home and try to help me get set up to become self-sufficient. This step only resulted in me doing my own mediocre photos. Then, I stumbled on Brit’s e-classes/books and signed up for Photographing Fine Art & Craft. At the same time, I purchased her DSLR Photography for Beginners. The combination of these two studies, in just 4 weeks, accomplished everything that I had been looking for – finally! Brit doesn’t just teach you the function of taking good pictures, she teaches you how to put the heart and soul of your art into your photography – a concept that few artists really understand. It’s one thing to have a good jury shot, it’s a totally different world to learn how to take creative and compelling representations of the story of your art. This is what she teaches AND she does it in a simple and supportive way that feels like you have your own personal coach sitting right beside you. If you are frustrated, as I was, Brit will get you to where you want to go – she will not let you fail."

Laura Acuto, jeweler and glass artist

"Once upon a time I paid good money to a well respected photographer for seven images of my artwork. I had no say in the composition of the image, and what was emphasized was not at all what I considered the highlight of the piece. I used those images to submit to an exhibit and was rejected. That was when I decided to do it. Now I have the skills to create beautiful images that show what I want to be noticed in a piece. Since taking this class and creating my own images, I have been accepted into every exhibit I have submitted to. Thanks Brit!"

"While taking the Photographing Fine Art & Craft class my dad and I would talk about what I was learning. He has a nice camera and lenses, and we both enjoyed talking about the details of taking great shots. During one of our conversations, he told me that 'I inspired him' to look closer into the lighting options. 'I INSPIRED HIM'!! I almost fell out of my chair! He has never said anything like that to me before, ever! My father is one of those men who can do anything, and do it better than most. To hear him say that was an unexpected and priceless addition to the technical skills I gained in your class."

"Brit, I share this story with you because you inspired me so much I had to talk about what I was learning, which in turn inspired him. You started a wave, girlfriend!! I'm sure you can understand how wonderful that compliment felt, and it began with what you started. So, from the bottom of my heart I say Thank You!!"

Marcela Colina, jeweler

"Thank you Brit, you opened my eyes to a new way of observing and shooting. And in the process you have helped me discover the 'why' of my pieces. I see my images and feel amazed at what they say without speaking words, and I can see that they do transmit an emotion that I didn't see before!"

Alix Railton, jeweler

"This is a GREAT class — if you are at all fearful of your camera, Brit really takes you through all that you need to know and learn to make your artwork look really, really good! I highly recommend it!"

"This is a fabulous and supportive class that becomes a life-force in your creative life!"

Sherrie Brittig, jeweler

“Brit Hammer’s Photographing Fine Art & Craft course is indispensable for artists of all media. I was new to DSLR photography and was just taking straight-on shots of my jewelry—boring! Brit showed me how to showcase my pieces beautifully using framing, angle, lighting, and my camera’s settings. What a difference in my images, and in just four weeks! Brit is a knowledgeable and supportive teacher, providing helpful feedback throughout the class. I am so glad I made this investment—one that is sure to benefit my business going forward.”

Anne Beach, jeweler

"I PLEDGE to only post beautiful images of my work from here on out. Brit, this is a pledge you should have all of your students take!"

Nancy Lange, jeweler

"I am so glad I opted for the mentoring upgrade in Photography of Fine Art and Craft. My mentoring time with Brit was amazing! Her generous and insightful spirit guided me to a whole new way of thinking about my creativity. Our time together resulted in clarity, confidence and a new direction for my art and business. Thank you, Brit."

Amber Ravenscroft, jeweler

"My greatest wish is to get rid of working for others and just work for myself. I feel closer than ever because of doing the photography course -- you've empowered me hugely! I'm so glad I signed up!!!"

Sara Porle, jeweler

"It's been a great class. I've learned so much, both through the work and individual comments on my pictures and the work and comments on the other students work."

Beth Gibson Saxena, mixed-media artist

"In this class Brit teaches all of the basic photography skills such as focus, lighting, composition, and post-processing, but the real heart of this class is learning to shoot from the heart."

"She taught me how to see my art more objectively and more lovingly. For the most part, photographs are the first and often only way that the world will see your work. Each and every photo should depict the artist’s passion and professionalism. Brit can show you how this is done."


What the art community is saying

"Finally. FINALLY. Thank you for bringing this class to artists. Quick folks, grab it!"

"Brit, I knew the moment we 'met' on GOT it! YOU have so much to give. And you are proving what an inspirational teacher you are! I am so proud of my students who took the Photographing Fine Art & Craft Guided Study class. The websites they built in my {DIY} Artist Websites class are so much stronger now — and so much more effective — because of the luscious pictures they learned how to take in your class."

"Every artist deserves to have a great presentation, and I wholeheartedly recommend that every artist take your class!"
— Susan Lomuto, Daily Art Muse


Wait, there's more! Here's what artists who took the DIY version of the course want you to know.


"Thank you, thank you for your brilliant photography course. Because of it, my entry for the Saul Bell got accepted as one of the finalists! Brit, you enabled me to make a mind-shift in how to photograph my jewellery. The way you look and express it, all in a loving way, is wonderful. You are a remarkable person - thank you for you generosity!" — Helga van Leipsig, jeweler

"I learned more from your course then any college course - EVER." — Kati Bujna

"Christine [Dumont’s] photos are superb and I can highly recommend Brit’s course. It’s all about the art of seeing and presenting work, and she describes it so well. This is what most inspired me in her course. I also developed an appreciation for her way of selecting views and shots. Even if one does not have an SLR, one can still apply the principles and get better snap shots in a hurry. They are just much better quality using an SLR." — Sabine Spiesser

"I purchased the [DIY] class and I have gotten up to page 41 and am letting it all soak in. I love that this takes a lot of things that I have figured out by "looking and observing" and paying attention to things on how my photos look. Now I feel like I can focus on my photos better and feel confident. Really look forward to picking up the SLR with some of my new work... All pretty exciting and not so scary now that I have your e-book! Thanks Brit!" — Marsha Neal Minutella


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