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Learn how to consistently get great shots

Do you want to take better pictures but don’t know where to start? Or have you been photographing for a while, but the results are hit and miss? This course helps you consistently get great images.

In Photography Essentials we'll first look at the "big picture" to familiarize you with what makes up a photograph: exposure, composition, and storytelling. Next, we'll break down the whole into pieces so you understand what each does. Then we'll put them back together again so you know how each piece affects the whole.

Everything is explained simply and clearly.


The richly illustrated course material (PDFs and videos) walks you through many case studies in different photography genres so you see examples of how to apply your newly acquired knowledge to any of your own personal areas of interest, such as photographing people, landscapes, or still life.

This easy to follow course is designed to grow your confidence and skill. Even if you've been photographing for a while, Photography Essentials will help you get great shots consistently.

Get your camera to finally do what you want!

What students say about Brit's teaching

“I've taken many classes. With the way Brit taught and explained things, I finally said, ‘I get it’. She made me enjoy taking photographs.”

"[Brit's course] made me feel more self-confident about my own personal style and has helped me go beyond my limits.”

"My camera is no longer a mystery. I can work quickly and produce images that express the vitality and spirit of my work. "

This course is for both beginners as well as experienced photographers desiring consistently great shots.