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Ever wonder if the craziness of your life is, indeed, worth celebrating? The answer is a resounding YES!

Start taking images that that look like they came out of a glossy magazine. 

This course focuses on the creative side of photography. You'll learn how to capture images of your everyday life in a fresh and exciting way.

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Do you wish you had images of your loved ones that capture who they are as a person? What about a series of images that portray your life as nicely as a wedding photographer portrays a wedding?

Get ready to have fun creating lifestyle photos that you can’t wait to share with your friends and family.

This course delves into creative ways to capture even mundane moments and beautifully photograph even camera-shy loved ones. They'll finally stop saying they don't like seeing themselves in photos!

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Learn how to create a collection of images that not only documents your holiday but that conveys how it felt to be there. This way you can re-live the experience and share it with others.

This course focuses on the creative side of photography and emphasizes getting all your shots in-camera. Any post-processing of images then becomes optional, not necessary.

You'll learn how to get amazing travel photos using any kind of camera! It's not about the gear; it's what you do with it.

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Work with me privately

Have up to 5 images reviewed in a single video review. Also receive suggestions how to move your photography to the next step.

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Whether you're struggling to find your voice or wanting the support of an experienced mentor, I'll help you reach your goals.

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