Dear Brit, I finally received the book. It's gorgeous!! It's the first mosaic book that includes techniques and supplies, and also the main element of mosaic - inspiration. You have placed the perfect pieces of art in the perfect chapters. You have created a book which makes me want to re-read it often for inspiration. You have given concrete ideas to those of us who don't know how to go about delving into ourselves for the real inspiration. Thank you!" — Patty

"Got mine the other day, taking it really slow and absorbing each page. Been real inspired so far after maybe 8 pages? Buying pieces for a new project tomorrow following that inspiration." — Jeff

"Hi Brit, your book is a real treasure, I could not stop reading when I got it in the first place. Now I keep coming back to look at certain sections again. It's in so many ways encouraging. Thanks so much. And not to forget the artwork displayed is wonderful." — Annette

“Hi Brit. Your book is a masterpiece! It has inspired me beyond words. Thank you for your encouragement, and for sharing your wisdom.” — Lisa

"Brit, thank you for your wonderful book on mosaics which I am very glad to have. It is well written and I love the different perspective you bring. Thank you!!!!" — Tina

"I received your book, Mosaic: Finding Your Voice and I'm loving it! It's beautiful to look at and has a very inspiring message and helpful guidance! Thank you so much!" — Wendy

"After looking through your beautiful book, makes me want to do mosaic. So inspirational. thank you!!" — Jane

"I just purchased your book: Mosaics: Finding your own voice. I LOVE it! The photography is amazing and the text so inspirational. I have never done mosaics, but I would love to give it a try. All the best to you!” — Cheryl

"I am now reading "finding your own voice" Congratulations, I love it.” — Olga

"Dear Brit, I have been following your work for a couple of years. Have your Meditations book and the Mosaic: Finding your own voice. …I love the concepts found in Mosaic: Finding Your Own Voice." — Denise

"I wanted to tell you that your book "Mosaic: Finding Your Own Voice" is fantastic. It is always near me to be able to look at it. It is fantastic. Thank you for your work which helps passionate of mosaics like me to continue. I am looking forward to read your next book!” — Karine

“Loved [this] book!” — Carolyn

“Hi Brit, I am a fan of your mosaic art. I was very inspired by your book Mosaic: Finding Your Own Voice. I have struggled to unleash my inner creativity and your book gave me the push I was needing to do that.” — Sandra

"Hi Brit, I just wanted to tell you that I bought, and received, your wonderful book. It's really inspiring, with some amazing photos, and it's exactly what I need! Thanks so much for writing it!" — Manya

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